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Emergency Animal Contact Info

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center: 888-426-4435

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Suncoast Animal League FAQ

What we are:

Suncoast Animal League is a non-profit, no-kill, no-time-limit animal welfare agency.

What we do:

Natural disasters, hoarding cases, owner surrenders, helping rural shelters, helping local animal services, owner deaths, hospice cases, puppy mills, abuse and neglect. 

Services provided prior to adoption:

We provide medical care including spay/neuter.


We are not an "open admissions" agency. Our shelter is only 1,400 sq feet.

Adoption Events:

Our adoption events are listed on our adoption page.

99% of the time we cannot create "pop-up" style adoption events on request, but feel free to contact us with a proposal to consider.

How You Can Help:



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Microchipping FAQs

Microchipping your pet is an important part of keeping your animal safe. Microchipping is an affordable, effective means of recovering your pet if it gets lost. Here are some commonly asked questions about microchipping.


What is a microchip?

A microchip is a tiny, electronic chip roughly the size of a grain of rice that is implanted under your pet’s skin. This chip contains an I.D. number for your pet, which is registered in a pet database along with your contact information. If your pet gets lost and is taken to a vet or animal shelter, it will be scanned for a microchip. The vet will match your pet’s I.D. number to your contact info and inform you that your pet has been found.

How are microchips activated?

Microchips are activated using a hand-held scanner, which most vets and animal shelters have for the purpose of helping pet owners recover their lost pets.

How are microchips implanted into my pet?

The chip is injected under your pet’s skin around its shoulder blades with a hypodermic needle.  No anesthesia or surgery is required for your pet to get microchipped. The process can be completed in one routine visit. 


Are microchips tracking devices?

Microchips are not tracking devices and cannot be used to reveal the location of your lost pet in real time. Microchips help identify lost pets and provide a means of locating pet owners so they can be reunited with their animal.  

Are microchips safe?

Microchips cause no harm to your pet. They are not uncomfortable or painful and have no side effects. The chip is imbedded deeply under your pet’s skin where it cannot fall out. It requires no maintenance and doesn’t degrade with time.


Why should I have my pet microchipped?

Microchipping helps to identify your pet if it strays off and gets lost. Most lost pets today are taken to a vet or animal shelter to be scanned for a microchip. If your pet has a chip, the vet or animal shelter can access your contact information from the pet registry where the I.D. number is listed to let you know your pet has been found and where you can pick it up.


Microchipping your pet increases your chances of getting your animal back if it gets lost.

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Did You Find An Animal?












Found a Cat or Kitten?

Birth - 8 weeks

Leave them alone! Their mom will be back soon. If kittens are in immediate physical danger, bring them to Animal Services.

phone: (727) 582-2600 Ext 4

8 - 12 weeks

Bring kittens and their mother to Animal Services for placement in the adoption program.

Nice Adult Cat (no ear tip)

Bring nice adult cats to Animal Services at 12450 Ulmerton Road, Largo, FL 33774.

Feral Adult Cat (no ear tip)

Contact Friends of Strays for information on feral cats. email: phone:(727) 522-6566

Adult Cat (with ear tip)

Leave them alone. They've already been spayed/neutered and rabies vaccinated and are at home outside. Also known as community cats.

Found a Dog or Puppy?

Dog Is an Injured Stray

Call Pinellas County Animal Services (PCAS) (727) 582-2600 Ext 4

Dog Is a Healthy Stray

Dog is running loose and you cannot safely catch it:

Try to get a picture and post the picture and location where the dog was seen on Lost and Found Pets of Pinellas: pinellaslostpets

Dog is Contained or Confined

Can you safely transport?

If yes, bring to PCAS 12450 Ulmerton Rd, Largo, FL 33774

If no, call PCAS (727) 582-2600 Ext 4 Pinellas County Animal Services

Dog is Contained or Confined

Do you want to keep the dog in your home?

If yes, call PCAS (727) 582- 2600 Ext 8 and file a found animal report within 48 hrs.

  • Get dog scanned for a microchip

  • Take pictures of dog

  • Submit microchip number and pictures to PCAS for report.

  • After 30 days complete the adoption process within 2 weeks.

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Found Animal
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