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Be A Foster Parent!

Thank you for your interest in fostering/fostering to adopt and providing a home for an animal in need!

Here's more about our process and what information is required. 

We receive many emails for each animal posted, and strive to make a match that will work for both you and the animal. 

Please read the following information on the process carefully.

If you are then still interested in proceeding, please reply to the questions at the end by email so that we can know a little more about you and your home situation. 

Dog Fostering Info:

When you see a dog/puppy posted on our Facebook page that you would like to foster or foster to adopt, just send an email, and if the pup is available, and you qualify, a meet and greet appointment will be made for you. You would complete the foster contract for the animal you choose at the meet-and-greet appointment.

You must be at least 18 yrs. of age.  

Rental Environments

If you rent, we would need to see that you have landlord approval. Please be aware of any breed, number of dogs, and/or size/weight restrictions before committing to foster. The breed we have listed is just a guess. We cannot guarantee breed or size when fully grown. 


Some dogs need a fenced yard, but not all.

Other Animals At Home?

If you have other animals, we would need to see that they are up to date on their vaccinations including rabies. We recommend the Bordetella vaccine when fostering. Bring copies with you or be prepared to show records on your phone, at foster pick-up.  We strongly encourage you to bring your dog with you for a meet and greet with your foster dog at pick-up.  Staff will assist you with that on-site. 


Please keep in mind that puppies can not hold it all day if you are working, and may need arrangements made to let them out during a typical work day. All dogs and puppies coming in will need help with housebreaking skills. It is part of the fostering process. We cannot guarantee that they will be housebroken.


Supplies & Medical Care

We provide food and any medical care needed during the fostering period.  

Medical Needs & Appointments

When the pups first come in they are bathed, given any needed vaccinations, they are micro-chipped, heartworm tested, and wormed if needed. They are also given flea and heartworm prevention. Many of the dogs coming in need to be spay/neutered first before they are ready for adoption.  Foster families help us by providing them with a home until that happens.  You would be responsible for taking them to our Vet (Drew St. in Clearwater or Seven Springs Blvd. in New Port Richey) to be spayed/neutered when that appointment is made (3 to 5 weeks out), and then they will be available for adoption.



Fosters should be in the Tampa Bay area and no more than an hour from our shelter in Palm Harbor and vet’s offices in Clearwater and New Port Richey.


Want to adopt your foster?

Fosters have the first choice of adopting. If you are adopting, their adoption fee would need to be paid at time of adoption, which is $125 for dogs over 8 mo. and $195 for puppies under 8 mo.   

Not Adopting?

If you are not adopting, then we will need you to provide pictures and a bio once the dog is eligible for adoption (after their spay/neuter) that we can post on our Facebook page so that the dog/puppy can find a home. Pictures and bio should be sent to

Appointment Only

** We are making arrangements for adoptions, foster placements, foster returns, and other needs via appointment only. Please email us if you need to return your foster. A member of our staff will be calling you when your foster is ready for adoption to make that appointment. **

Questions for Dog

& Puppy Adoptions

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Thanks for submitting!

Questions about fostering a dog or puppy? Email:
This email address may auto-trigger a request for the above info. You only need to fill it out once.

Interested in fostering a kitten or cat? Email:
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